Facing reality –
It’s like gazing into the Sun.
You know of its blatant honesty,
But the glaring truth blinds you.
It’s hard to stare back,
It’s hard to accept what life throws at you.

And sleeping under your wings
All this while,
I’ve become used to
These rose-tinted glasses.
The thorns pierce my skin
Like hot needles.
The roses have
Lost their softness.

Now that I’m out in the rain,
I long for your shelter
But you’re
Out of reach.
I breathe in your scent
But you’re too far away,
The ghost of your touch
Lends me volatile comfort.
I can almost feel you even now
But it’s just not enough.

And as the lightning strikes –
I run for cover.
I’m not too sure
I’ll I’ll make it through
Without you here beside me.

Because I know
You didn’t want to leave;
I know you wished
To guard me through
All the storms I’d ever face.
I was too used to your protection –
I was too used to your presence.
And so I shiver in the cold wind

I know I’ll have to fight
And brave it all,
Grit my teeth
And swim through.
Because that is what
You would have wanted
And that is what
I try to do.

You’ve been my Saviour,
My Sunshine
Through the hardest time.
Now I promise to protect you too,
With every breath
And every sigh;
For I have in me
Your strength.
And I know it will
Guide me through.
For you, for you.


About Khushboo

I'm 17, and have had a passion for writing since I was a kid. I write fanfiction, and rant occasionally on a lot of topics. Currently trying my hand at poems. I make signatures for online Forums as well...learned PhotoShop all by myself. Now ain't that nice?! :D
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