I open my eyes and
The night fades away.
I see the world as it is –
It’s bathed in sunlight, it’s beautiful.
It’s like you.

You made me laugh,
You made me cry,
You hurt me badly,
You didn’t apologise.
And then
You hugged me when I didn’t want you to,
You wiped my tears when I said
I didn’t need you.

You stood beside me
Through thick and thin,
Gave me the push when
I didn’t know how to begin,
Got angry when I didn’t listen
To you.

You brought my smile back,
Stood beside me when I was scared.
You didn’t protect me
But helped me face my fears.

And that is why
I love you.
You’ve stuck with me through everything –
Seen my worst
And loved my best,
You take me for who I am.

I want you and I need you,
But baby let’s be real
Happily ever after is overrated.

I can’t promise that I won’t fight
But I know that in the end you’re
My guiding light.

Is a different day.
And while I can’t promise forever,
I give you all of my today.


About Khushboo

I'm 17, and have had a passion for writing since I was a kid. I write fanfiction, and rant occasionally on a lot of topics. Currently trying my hand at poems. I make signatures for online Forums as well...learned PhotoShop all by myself. Now ain't that nice?! :D
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