Hello there! *waves*

I’m Khushboo, 17, and I love to write. I mainly write Fan Fiction, but these days I’m trying my hand at poems as well. So I decided to put up a blog where I could post everything I’ve written.

Here, you’ll find poems, Fan Fiction, short stories, essays, analyses, rants, etc…if you find anything that interests you, do follow! šŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy.

All Fan Fiction posted here, is strictly for entertainment purpose only and no copyright infringement is intended whatsoever. I just love either the characters or the world or both – I’m just weaving my own story into it for fun. Let’s say I’m playing in the creators’ sandbox ^_^ Some songs may be interwoven into them as well, but it’s just because I love the lyrics. Again, no copyright infringement intended.



6 Responses to About

  1. Michelle says:

    Hey Khush, Congratulations on such a lovely blog. I’m so glad you’ve thought of this, since you’re a very talented and creative person and others should know of it. Sorry for not being very regular on online, but, you know in my heart I always adore you and your stuff. Will definitely go through your poems, etc. and will revert to you soon. All the best…Lots of jhappis & God bless! Michelle

    • Khushboo says:

      Thanks a lot, Mich…for taking time out to check this site out, since I know how busy you are these days…appreciate it. Will put up the rest of my stuff very soon. Take care *jhappiz*

  2. richa says:

    hey khush congratz for the blog ,looking forward for some really good stuff from you after so long .keep going .and write as much as on abhi nikki . best of luck

  3. Namy says:

    Hey Khush *jhappiz*.. hearty Congratulations for d blog! Its a pleasent surprise!!! You are a multitalented person n deserve such blog.. Great going!! Would love to visit here n read ur wonderful writing as n when i get time.. Congrats once again and hope u’ve many more blogs like this in d future.. Keep up the good work!!
    Best wishes,

  4. Ashi says:

    Hi Khush, Congratulations fr the blog!! I’ll read your stuff soon and post my comment asap šŸ™‚ All the very best šŸ™‚


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